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Carbon footprint

Usual suspects

Carbon emissions and climate change are topics that have been around in businesses for quite some time now. Companies have taken action to reduce carbon emissions in different forms.

Actions taken

You know best the actions you have already taken. However, here is a list of other, very common, actions:

  • CO2 compensation schemes;
  • sustainable buildings;
  • targets for carbon emission (carbon neutral company);
  • carbon footprints to gain insight in energy use;
  • use less air conditioning and turn heating down;
  • more efficient lighting (LED);
  • energy reduction, for instance switch off PCs and other equipment or use more eco-efficient equipment;
  • frequently monitor energy use;
  • alternative energy use (renewable resources);
  • promote public transport, electric cars and / or carpooling;
  • reduce business travel by using telephone and web conferencing;
  • purchase from local suppliers to reduce transport (energy) costs;

Broaden your scope

The activities are often limited to the company itself. Improvements can be made by including the entire ecosystem and thinking of how your company can influence, via its products and services, the total carbon footprint of the ecosystem. Sharing best practices within the ecosystem could be a first step, but definitely not the last.

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