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Communication is engagement

Essential element

Communication is an essential part of sustainability, in raising awareness, in building your reputation, in winning people over and in sharing results.

Various objectives

Communication, internal and external, is used for:

  • raising awareness for strategy, goals, plans, results and challenges;
  • showing respect for sustainable principles;
  • dialogue with stakeholders;
  • giving information about effects and activities with regards to sustainability;
  • providing details about products and services;
  • benchmarking;
  • strengthening the reputation of your company.

Specific use

Specific sorts of communication when it comes to sustainability are:

  • stakeholder meetings;
  • dialogue with employees;
  • reports on progress regarding sustainability;
  • sustainable claims;
  • crisis situations;
  • labeling and other product information;
  • public consultation;

And of course

All traditional ways of communicating can be used, including meetings, public events, forums, reports, newsletters, magazines, posters, advertising, letters, voicemail, personal appearance, video, websites, podcasts (audio broadcast), blogs, (discussion forums on websites), plug-information products and labels,  press releases, interviews, editorials and articles. For sustainability interactive ways, engaging with the audience is the preferred option.

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