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Content is king

Content shows what’s inside

There is a strong movement taking place towards content driven marketing and communication. Looking good from the outside is not good enough anymore. Clients want to know what’s underneath. In some ways, this is also about transparency and accountability. While at the same time its about knowing what problems and issues your clients face. In the end, that’s how you can create value for them: solving problems.

Pole position

Many companies and other organisations, especially when they’re in a knowledge-intensive or creative industry, can take a leading role as they have a lot of knowledge to share. Moreover, they are specialists for certain problems and issues. There might already be plenty of content available within your company, for instance, in a knowledge base, and if not, most certainly in the heads of your employees.

Unleash knowledge

The big challenge is to unleash all this knowledge and make it available. To accomplish this, you should:

  • identify the issues and problems your clients (or society) faces and on which you (should) have knowledge;
  • make a small group of people responsible for gathering content on these topics;
  • define your audience and the different types of content you want to publish: news, articles, seminars, etcetera;
  • develop a dissemination strategy, including recycling content.
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