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CSR policy

Current practice

A CSR Policy is quite common for companies. Often these policies include:

  • general statements about CSR;
  • members of the CSR team;
  • initiatives a company sponsors;
  • budget for sponsoring;
  • focus of sponsoring;
  • voluntary services;
  • goals with regards to CO2;
  • green inititiatives and activities.

Areas for improvement

Generally speaking these policies are not linked to the core business and purpose of a company. Often the initiative is taken by a number of employees who care about sustainable issues, which is good. At the same time it limits CSR, as commitment from top management is needed if it is to be truly embedded.

Seize the opportunties

See an existing policy as a starting point, something to learn from.

To take it to the next level, use the experience gained to recognise how and where you can make a difference. In the choices you already made, there might be implicit ‘clues’ for what you care about. And most of all, the people involved might be(come) your best ambassadors.

That’s the internal part. To really improve what you’re doing, involve relevant stakeholders. It will help you to acquire different and new angles on your approach and you can tap their expertise and experience.

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