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New ‘energy’ for innovation

Change your mindset

The ambition to have a positive impact provides a very powerful angle for innovation. Instead of looking how to improve products and services or fulfill the needs of clients better, you widen the scope and take other needs, issues and problems into account.

Of course, it will still have to fulfill a need, but defining what bigger issue you want to solve is an inspiring and rewarding starting point. However it requires a change in mindset.

Listen and learn first

The best way to take it from there is engaging with different stakeholders and include different perspectives in the analysis of the problem.

Listening to stakeholders and their view definitely provides new insights and opens up new opportunities. It also helps to pinpoint the main problem(s) that need to be addressed and specifies the needs of your clients.

What’s your role?

A very important step is the next one: define what your role can be in both solving the problem and providing services or products to your clients.

There will be much you can do, but far less that suits your role as a company. This is something of which to be aware and very critical. It also requires ample discussion. If you don’t find the right balance, it won’t succeed.

Build your proposition

Once you’ve got all the input you need from your stakeholders and are clear about your role as a company, you can start building the proposition. This can be done in numerous ways: just do it as you normally do. However, remember to engage your stakeholders in the process. Last, but not least: make the business case.

In the next cases, you can find more information about specific ways for sustainability driven innovation.

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