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Embedding (positive) impact

Standard business planning cycle

The next step would be to embed the positive impact targets in your strategy, targets and activities. Once done, just follow the normal cycle of plan, act, check and adapt.

This will ensure that sustainable aspects of your business, or even better, how the core business of your company drives positive impact, will get the attention of all levels in your company.

Use what you have

Existing systems, processes and procedures include, among others:

  • strategy and targets;
  • mission, vision, values, principles and beliefs;
  • year planning;
  • internal policies;
  • remuneration and bonus schemes;
  • training and development;
  • procurement
  • hiring new employees;
  • involvement in branch organisations.

By including your sustainable impact in ‘normal’ procedures, employees will take them into account in every day decision making. It also drives the need to involve other stakeholders in what everyone’doing, thus helping your employees and your company to have a more open mindset.

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