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Question who is relevant

The following questions are helpful to identify relevant stakeholders:

  • who could be affected by your decisions and activities?
  • whose interests could be harmed if he would not be involved?
  • what legal obligations are applicable?
  • which organisations in the value chain are involved and how?
  • which people and organisations could contribute to increasing positive impact?
  • who monitors the actions and decisions of your company?
  • who could help to form a winning coalition?
  • with whom did you collaborate in the past?
  • who are your relations in your database and what are their influence and/or interest?

Visualise stakeholders

To identify which are the most relevant stakeholders and/or which stakeholders you can influence most, you can draw a map of all stakeholders.

Sphere of influence

Next you can determine which stakeholders fall into your (desired) sphere of influence. This visualisation helps to determine with which stakeholders you want to interact most and shows you where your business and their interests coincide.


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