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Improve & Integrate – intro

Low hanging fruits

You have probably already taken some action to become more sustainable. That’s great! However, perhaps you have also done a few things, of which you are (or were) unaware that will contribute to you becoming a sustainable business leader.

The self assessment might have helped you to identify these activities and to give you an overview of who’s doing what in your company.

Positive impact, broader scope

Once you have mapped all the activities and people involved, you can start to turn them into an integrated approach. Basically, there are two routes to further improve and integrate these activities and make it the core of your business:

  • aim for positive impact rather than just comply. This will increase the impact on your core business and community as well;
  • broaden your scope from being green (or another single issue) to a more holistic perspective.

Keep your focus

The second point doesn’t mean you cannot focus on one specific issue or that you have to give the same attention to all issues. It only asks for being aware and making deliberate decisions about a range of issues. Probably, the set ambitions survey has helped you in this.

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