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Investors value sustainability

Responsible investment

For investors and other financiers, sustainable KPIs are important to assess the long term perspective of a company. Many of the bigger institutional funds have signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

Examples of metrics

The Dow Jones Sustainable Index and FTSE 4Good are two stock market indices that assess the largest listed companies on sustainable metrics, including Corporate Governance, Risk and Crisis Management, Codes of Conduct/Compliance/Anti-Corruption & Bribery, Environmental Reporting, Human Capital Development, Talent Attraction & Retention, Labor Practice Indicators, Corporate Citizenship/Philanthropy, Social Reporting and Industry Specific Criteria.

Booming market

Furthermore, SRI (Social Responsible Investing) is a booming market, where investors look at both the financial growth and the social good of a company. The areas of concern recognised by the SRI industry can be summarized as environment, social justice, and corporate governance—as in environmental social governance (ESG) issues. In addition, other key aspects of SRI include shareholder advocacy and community investing.

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