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Personal targets

Make people care

More and more companies prepare corporate reports on sustainability efforts, even integrated in overall reports. The progress on reaching corporate goals is described. However, are they felt as a shared responsibility by everyone?

To make these goals matter to everybody in the company, they should be translated in personal targets with regards to sustainability. This is less common, as sustainability and the core business are often still two opposite sides of the coin.

Top down or bottom up

These targets can be set in the traditional way (top down) or a more contemporary way (bottom up). The last way fits better with the holistic approach of aiming for positive impact. Let every employee describe how they want to make a positive impact and how this contributes to creating shared value. If you’re following a compliance driven route and sustainability is not (yet) fully integrated in the business, it might be better to use the top down approach.


Examples of personal targets are:

  • time spent on community service;
  • percentage of revenue from sustainable products or services;
  • engagements with stakeholders;
  • carbon emissions minimised;
  • number of complaints.

These are just a number of examples to give an idea how these can be integrated.

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