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Priorities enhance your profile

Don’t do it all

Of course you can’t do it all, at least not at the same time. Although a lot of hardliners will say all issues are important and relevant, reality is that there are other business issues that consume your time and you have to set priorities. Otherwise, nothing will happen if you want to do it all.

Are you grey?

Moreover, there’s another reason. If every company thinks everything is equally important, they will become a grey blur. For instance, that is one of the problems with labels, once the majority of companies use them.

Choosing what your focus is when making a positive impact, makes you stand out. Clients will recognise and reward you for your positive impact on issue X. It gives meaning to who you are and what you do as a company.

Stand out

So, choose what you really care about, make that a priority and think about how to make a positive impact.

Address other issues and comply, but really stand out in what you believe is most important and where you can have the greatest impact. Furthermore, create your own infographic to show it to the world.


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