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A ready-to-roll communication approach

If you want a ready-to-roll action plan on how to communicate, then below is a simple overview of how you can demonstrate your involvement and activities in the field of sustainability:

  • have a dedicated (part of your) website with infographics and other visuals that lets users browse through your commitment to sustainability;
  • effective communication starts with listening. Communicate who you have taken heed of;
  • show that you understand what the challenges are in your ecosystem;
  • make clear what your influence on these challenges is and can be;
  • highlight what activities you implemented to tackle these challenges;
  • share the results, activities and especially the progress you’re making;
  • regular updates via social media strengthen your commitment, rather than annual reports;
  • involve your partners in these progress updates;
  • use results in further campaigns;
  • link the efforts to your business strategy, or even better make it the heart of your business strategy.

Pick & go

These are just a few tips on how you can communicate. Pick the ones that suit you and get going. It will help you kickstart your communications around sustainability. But take note: align it with, or even better incorporate it in, your overall approach.

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