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Social enterprise

Find a balance

Social entrepreneurs run their organisation like a commercial business, but with the aim to improve social and environmental wellbeing. The balance between social, environmental and economic aspects has swung towards the social and environmental side. This is an essential difference with most companies.

Source of inspiration

Becoming a social enterprise might be a bridge too far for a lot of companies. However, the idea of social enterprises provides ideas and insights in how you can innovate yourself. Social enterprises see social and environmental “problems” as a resource and opportunity. From a positive perspective, they try to use available competences and unleash potential resources. A lot can be learnt from this mindset.


Just some examples of social enterprises are:

The other way around

When companies can learn from social enterprises, the opposite is just as true. So, there’s always an opportunity for your company to contribute to the success of a social enterprise by sharing your knowledge and resources, while learning from them at the same time.

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