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Social & environmental issues

Change the starting point

Rather than just thinking about how to innovate your products or services, you can also pick an environmental or social issue you care about or believe is important as the starting point of innovation.

It might seem a bit awkward, but it can help you look at your own products or services from a different angle. The new perspective provides inspiration for innovation. Involving relevant stakeholders can lead to even more new perspectives.

Questions that matter

Basically there are two important questions to ask (or steps to take):

  • what issue do I care about? Don’t make the issue too big, because that will make it impossible to influence it. So global climate change might be too ambitious if you’re a service firm with around 500 employees. Helping people with a distance to the labour market can be an issue to which you can contribute. Setting your ambitions has helped you probably to get an idea as to what topics have your priority;
  • how can I influence this issue with my products I manufacture or the services I provide? Pick issues that are related to your core business, and on which you can have impact. Defining what your role is, is an important aspect of this step.
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