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Soft versus hard

Quality or quantity

Which one do you prefer? Hard, quantitative, cold metrics or warm, qualitative, soft indicators. There is probably no correct answer to this question and you most likely need both. When it comes to social aspects the number of soft indicators will, by its nature, be bigger. On the other hand financial metrics will likely be more quantitative. It’s a balancing act though, because financial KPIs do net tell the story behind the figures and soft metrics without any quantitative substantiation are not very credible.

The power of &

So maybe the best thing you can do is pursue an “&” strategy: deliver hard and soft metrics. They each tell a part of your story. Figures make the story credible and reliable, quantitative aspects help people to understand and learn. Where the balance between soft (culture) and hard (structure) is found, differs per company and your ambitions and beliefs on what drives people most.

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