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Transparency is trust

Elements of transparency

A simple way of describing transparent communication is that it creates the right expectations. Creating the right expectations requires:

  • having all the information (and not more) that is required to understand what is going on;
  • that you provide it when it’s needed to avoid surprises;
  • following up any concerns that are raised;
  • consistency both in content and process.

All about trust

Being transparent is all about building trust. Or in other words, if you want to be trusted, you have to be transparent. No surprises and create the right expectations also means that you do as you say. This is something to be well aware of when creating expectations in communication materials. It also reuires internal trust so that you can deliver what you promise. Of course, there are many more formal ways of transparency, but they are described in topics & issues under explore the landscape and KPIs.  So, we won’t repeat that here.

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