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Assess Yourself

Now that you’re aware of all the frameworks, guidelines and other stuff that helps you find out what’s going on with regards to sustainability, it’s time to find out where you and your company are at this time. “What topics and issues are (most) relevant” is the first question, directly followed by “where do you have impact?” The impact can be both positive and negative, but the bigger the impact the more important it most likely is.

Easy to use

To make this easy, or at least make it look that way because the answers might still ask for deliberate consideration and thinking, you can use the questionnaire. Fill it out directly online and we will then forward you the results in a small report with graphics. To involve your ecosystem, you can distribute the link to the questionnaire among relevant (internal and/or external) stakeholders. This requires some extra work, but the additional input will pay off. Alternatively, you could even use it as a checklist for a round table.

Browse back and forth

If you have any questions about the topics and issues just browse back to “Start exploring” or sneak forward to “Take action” to learn more about what the topics and issues entail and what they can mean for your company.