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Customer issues

Definition of the Topic

Companies that offer product or services to customers have responsibilities towards those customers.

This topic could also be named Product responsibility and recognises the relationship that exists between your company and its clients.

What does it include?

The most important responsibilities with regards to customer issues are:

  • implement fair and truthful advertising and marketing practices, a.k.a. ‘be honest’;
  • work with fair contractual practices;
  • protect customers’ health and safety;
  • stimulate sustainable consumption;
  • provide customer service, support, and dispute resolution;
  • take care of customer data protection and privacy;
  • promote access to essential services;
  • educate and raise awareness about impacts.

Overall, you can stimulate sustainable consumption and development through your services or products.

You can start to design and offer products that minimise the negative impact (f.i. by reusing, recycling or repairing) or even better have a positive impact.

Potential benefits

Basically it builds trust. All of the issues around Customer Issues have to do with the fact that a customer should be able to expect that the products or services a company provides are in the best interest of the customer, and that the company’s business practices can be trusted.

Once you start to design and offer new products, you also start to develop new business models that can contribute to your bottom line.

See some best practices for pragmatic examples.

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