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Ecosystem – quick intro

Definition of ecosystem

All stakeholders and yourself form the ecosystem in which you operate and that you can influence.

To be able to define where you can have a positive impact, you can map these relations and choose where you can have the most influence.

The following stakeholders can be distinguished:

  • suppliers and subcontractors;
  • employees;
  • clients;
  • government;
  • partners;
  • shareholders;
  • branch-organisations;
  • banks & insurance companies;
  • media;
  • NGOs;
  • people/community.

Involvement of ecosystem crucial

For many companies their biggest impact is indirect and within their ecosystem, for instance, with clients or suppliers. That fact requires an ecosystem or value chain approach.

Key to such an approach is an open, outward looking mindset to collaborate with others to have a bigger impact.

Dialogue for extra impact

New insights, creative ideas and the best opportunities come from an open dialogue with your stakeholders. This dialogue provides you with a sense of your own impact on others and the (potential) impact of others on yourself.

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