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Employee commitment and loyalty

Engaged employees

Although sustainability is often seen as a “feel good” activity for employees, which is a rather soft and less business oriented aspect, more concrete and hard benefits can be retention, recruitment and productivity.

That goes beyond being green and doing good, and includes engaging employees in the companies future and direction.

Magnet for talent

Sharing ideas, being socially responsible, interacting with employees are all signs of companies that really care about employees.

Those are the companies that the best talent probably wants to work with as they are facilitated to get the most out of themselves.

Especially for firms, to whom people are their most valuable asset, considering your employees as partners is key to your success.

Creating proud ambassadors

Employees that share the same beliefs as  the company are also an ambassador for your company, who can help spread the word or can counteract negative threats just by talking to others. And numbers doesn’t mean all, as passion for what they do can be a strong accelerator, in particular with social media.

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