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Background of the company

IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services.

What IBM does

The company has four core values related to sustainability:

  • identify and act upon new opportunities to apply technology and expertise to societal problems. An example is the Smarter Cities project;
  • scale existing programmes and initiatives to achieve maximum benefit. The World Community Grid is one of the programmes;
  • empower employees and others to serve their communities, f.i. with the Service Jam;
  • integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of IBM.

Next to the above, concrete activities are directed at:

  • corporate citizenship in nearly all communities where IBM is active. Total hours of volunteering are tracked. Discussion via a dedicated blog;
  • environment: IBM has many policies and programmes to reduce its impact. The company has a global environmental protection programme in place;
  • supply chain: IBM has determined corporate responsibility and environmental requirements for IBM suppliers and holds general standards for procurement;
  • employee well-being and diversity: long tradition when it comes to diversity and inclusion. A ‘ total health management’  framework, including workplace safety and work/lifebalance;
  • 0thers, like corporate governance, governmental programmes, trust and compliance and university relations. There is also a GRI report are available.

The business case

IBM is building a trustworthy image and complies with applicable regulations. In addition to this, IBM is developing new services in designated fields and gaining experience with new business models. At the moment these are still niches.

Read more on IBM’s website.

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