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Identification of stakeholders

No standard set

Examples of stakeholders were already given. However, it can be different in your specific situation. There is no standard set of stakeholders, although most companies will have clients, supplier and employees.

Ask the right questions

To identify relevant stakeholders you can ask yourself:

  • who could be affected by our decisions and activities?
  • whose interests could be harmed if he would not be involved?
  • what legal obligations are applicable?
  • which organisations in the value chain are involved and how?
  • which people and organisations can contribute to increasing positive impact?
  • who monitors the actions and decisions of your company?
  • with whom did your company collaborate in the past?
  • who can help to form a winning coalition?
  • who are your relations in your database and what is their influence and / or interest?

Mapping relevancy

You can draw a map to establish which of these stakeholders are most relevant and influential. From this overview you can select the stakeholders you want to actively engage with.

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