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ISO 26000

Origin of the standard
ISO 26000 offers guidance on socially responsible behavior and possible actions; it does not contain requirements and, therefore, in contrast to ISO management system standards, is not certifiable.

What does it include?

ISO 26000 provides a very comprehensive overview of topics and issues that can be addressed within sustainability and gives principles and guidelines for the process of engaging stakeholders, determining relevant social responsibility issues and defining possible actions. It also addresses the integration of sustainability in the organisation.

The topics defined are:

  • organisational governance;
  • human rights;
  • labour practices;
  • community involvement and development;
  • consumer issues;
  • fair operating practices; and,
  • environment.

More detailed issues have been described for each of the topics. Not all of these issues (and themes) might be relevant or equally important.

How can it help you

You can use ISO 26000 to determine the most relevant issues and set your priorities with regards to themes and issues.

ISO 26000 cannot be used as a basis for audits, conformity tests and certificates, or for any other kind of compliance statements. There is a certifiable Danish version of ISO 26000, but that is still controversial.

There is more information on the ISO 26000 website.

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