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OECD Guidelines

Origin of the guidelines

The OECD Guidelines are based on international treaties, including the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, ILO and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

What does it it include?

The OECD gives guidelines regarding:

  • general principles & human rights;
  • disclosure;
  • employment;
  • environment;
  • bribery;
  • consumer interests;
  • science & technology;
  • competition;
  • taxation.

How can it help you?

These guidelines are primarily relevant for multinational enterprises that operate in countries with weak governance.

It provides a checklist to investigate the potential risks and ethical dilemma’s regarding their activities in these countries. If you operate in similar countries you can take the checklist and policies / activities of multinationals as an example.

Most of these guidelines have been incorporated in the topics and issues in ISO 26000.

Read the full text of the guidelines.

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