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Reputation and trust

If you care, others care

The reputation of your company is built over time and part of the long-term strategy. Companies that are positive members of the community, rather than just care about their own business, are less vulnerable to a negative perception when something goes wrong. They are trusted more by the public as they have shown they engage with and contribute to their ecosystem. This ‘goodwill’ is an important asset for your company.

A purpose gives meaning

People are looking for meaning and take decisions that can make their lives more meaningful. Brands and companies that have a clear and powerful purpose can give meaning to what they do themselves, but also to the lives of others.

A shared purpose creates a bond and meaningful relations, thus enhancing and strengthening your brand reputation. Purpose-driven brands understand that they can grow the bottom-line and build a better world at the same time by taking sustainable aspects into account in their business model and decision making.

Positive purchase decisions

Furthermore, an increasing number of people and companies involve sustainability aspects in their decision making when buying services or products. A sustainable image and concrete activities, help the purchasing decisions of this growing group towards your company as you share (some of) the same social, environmental en economic values.

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