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Scope of responsibility

Extended, direct control

Of course, a company is responsible for all decisions and activities they control. This can include decisions and activities from others when they have the possibility to dictate these decisions or activities.

So, a company can take the negative and positive impact from a broader perspective, not only financial, into account when making decisions or planning activities.

Third pillar of change

Social and environmental issues were always seen as the primary responsibility of governments and NGO’s. What we see now is a growing role of companies as a driver of social and environmental change.

Moreover, companies need to take the lead as they can’t succeed in a society that fails. Competitors even team up as, among others, the Sustainability Consortium and Sustainable Apparel Coalition show.

Use your influence

Next to direct responsibility, a company has a sphere of influence. In some situations a company has the responsibility to use this influence, for instance to minimise negative impact.

A company always has a due diligence to prevent that it contributes, via her relations, to a negative impact.

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