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Stakeholder relations

Long lasting relations

Strong relations with stakeholders can be achieved by a sustainable approach, as your activities that have social, economic and environmental effects will be felt by your stakeholders. Considering these effects and trying to minimise them will strengthen the relation as you show you take them seriously.

Partners in crime

A strong and longlasting relation can be build by working together on sustainable issues and partnering in having a positive impact on any of these issues. Think of a partnership between Coca-Cola and WWF to reduce water use when making Coca-Cola. Moreover, it is necessary as systemic changes ask for collaboration. Even between competitors as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Sustainability Consortium show.

Loyalty effect

Working with clients, as an important stakeholder, on sustainable issues both companies face will increase loyalty. A company that has its office in the middle of a thriving, inspiring community can benefit from a good relation as their employees will live, eat or drink in the same neighbourhood.

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