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Sustainable leaders

Leaders of the pack

A number of companies have already taken huge steps in becoming a more sustainable organisation. Although they differ in what they did, they reap the benefits from the actions they have taken.

Acknowledged sector leaders

Although their focus and size might differ from your company, a lot can be learned from acknowledged sustainable business leaders in other sectors. And it is inspiring to see what they did:

Not the usual suspects

There are many other, maybe less well known, companies setting an example as well.

Some of them have even made sustainability the core of their business and a driver for growth and innovation:

  • USG: focus on their impact on People as that is at the core of their business;
  • SAP: sustainability as an integrated part of their strategy to help businesses run better;
  • Triodos: making a positive impact is really at the core of their DNA;
  • Accenture: has a lot of policies, programs and services around sustainability;
  • BT Group: integrated “Better Future” program which directly links with their core activities;
  • Santander: three clear programs and a vast number of policies and governance structures;
  • IBM: commitment to sustainable initiatives linked to their core business (values);
  • Wipro: strong belief that the companies forms an integral part of society;
  • Munich Re: if you want to be compliant, take them as an example;
  • The People Who Share: have chosen one topic (Share) and build their organisation around it.


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