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Background of the company

Wipro Limited is an information technology consulting and outsourcing service company from India. The company has 140,000 employees serving over 900 clients in 57 countries and is the second largest IT services company in India.

What Wipro does

Wipro believes that corporations are socio-economic citizens and that its objectives have to be congruent with society’s goals. Corporations have the capacity to influence sustainable issues and have “the power to do good”.

This responsibility cannot be limited to charity. Wipro believes it must try to, and that it can make (some) lasting impact, towards creating a just, equitable, humane & sustainable society. This is reason enough to act properly an to act like a responsible citizen.

Three pillars have been defined:

  • business with integrity, which includes a clear code of conduct and governance to achieve transparency and propriety;
  • ecological sustainability, aimed at energy and water conservation, waste management and biodiversity preservation and enhancement;
  • social and community initiatives, like contributing to the local communities in which Wipro operates and catalyzing systemic education improvement.

The business case

Good citizenship is a core value, which is incorporated in the company’s behavior and culture. This helps to create a positive image that builds trust. However, they have not (yet) developed a truly sustainable business model.

Read more on their website or in this presentation.

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