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You know why

Companies are faced with questions about how sustainable they are from stakeholders, like employees, clients or suppliers. And you probably feel the responsibility yourself as well. So, you know why you need to take your next steps on the road to sustainability. But, even if you’re enthusiastic, it seems complex, expensive and completely different to what you do now.

Share to seize the opportunities 

At the same time we see a lot of best practices and sustainable leaders setting a new standard. We believe this paradox can be solved by taking an ecosystem approach. Engage with stakeholders  to learn what keeps them occupied, join forces as creating shared value is rather difficult on your own, share your cases, dilemmas or questions to experience the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ and collaborate with others to develop sustainable innovations and business models.

Our mission: activate ecosystems

claysus helps companies to activate their ecosystems to increase their positive impact and achieve sustainable goals. It does so by providing a white label social business platform where companies and their stakeholders can join forces, share knowledge, follow a pragmatic approach and collaborate to achieve tangible results. 

Simple action driven philosophy

We believe that the combination of sharing knowledge (content), facilitating companies to join forces and take joint action (collaboration) and providing a step-by-step approach (context) is unique and that only the combination will lead to a change in behaviour. Because only by doing, can you make a difference.

That’s what we want to show with this Proof of Concept…

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