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Share your thoughts

claysus believes in the power of sharing, wisdom of the crowds and collaboration. As we are just getting started and there are still plenty of things to organise and to optimise, we consider your feedback vital. We’d greatly appreciate any ideas on how we can improve. A short note or comment, a report of an issue that you ran into, anything you provide would be very helpful. Feel free to reach out 24/7 with any ideas or just to say hi.

Join our community to create value

Anyone who wants to contribute or participate is more than welcome. If you have a case you like to share or if you want to participate, feel free to contact Eric Mieras (Founder of claysus) via ericmieras@claysus.com or give him a call (+31 6 1039 1163). Or even better, join our community of people that want to join forces to increase their (positive) impact.

Partners wanted

Furthermore we actively seek partners who can assist our clients and their ecosystem on their sustainability journey, like;

  • specialists on frameworks, guidelines and other international standards;
  • process and project managers;
  • brand managers, marketers and everyone else who has experience with sustainable innovations and new business models;
  • social media and social business experts.

However, if you have other skills that you feel would be useful for us, please contact us.






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