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Platform provider, network organisation 

claysus provides white-label social business platforms that drive positive impact with inspiring knowledge, tools and best practices. We tailor these platforms to the needs of your ecosystem, your look & feel and make it industry-specific. You can share and collaborate with companies in your ecosystem to become a sustainable market leader.

The claysus’ white label platforms can facilitate:

  • sustainable market leaders to increase their indirect impact in their value chain by activating their stakeholders;
  • branch organisations to facilitate members to join forces and take joint action to achieve tangible results in their ecosystem;
  • cities or regions to connect sustainable leaders and to form a winning coalition that drives sustainable innovations and business models that will lead to a strong, local ecosystem.

Pay for what you use

There are two options available: an open source for SME’s and a business version for corporates. A set-up and an annual license fee that is dependent on the number of companies and people participating applies. There is a pay-per-case subscription, so you only pay for the content you need.

For further support, claysus operates as a network organisation, involving best of breed experts and process or project managers as resources for its platform.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at unlock@claysus.com to see how we can help you activate your ecosystem.




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