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Set Ambitions

It’s nice to know what’s going on and where you are at this moment. But what’s next? Where are you going? How can you differentiate yourself? Those are the questions that really matter…. It all starts with setting your ambitions. Your ambitions can be high or low, broad or focused, compliance or value driven. That’s up to you. It also depends on what topics and issues are relevant and impactful for your specific company and the industry in which you’re active. And last, but certainly not least, on your drive and stamina to make a difference.

Involve as many as you want

Take the survey and define what topics and issues on which you would like to have an impact. Naturally, you can set about this by yourself or with the leadership of your company. An even better option would be to include your ecosystem and ask employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders what they think. Because if you want to create shared value, you will need both them as well as their support. Creating shared value on your own is quite difficult.

Pinpoint your priorities

Once you have completed the questionnaire we will send you a brief report on the results, so you can pinpoint the topics and issues you need to address to accomplish your ambitions.