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  • Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Customer Issues
  • Labour Practice
  • Environment
  • Community Involvement
  • Fair Operating

Create your own infographic

It’s easy to create a customised infographic and share your progress and results. You can use the results from the assessment and ambition survey if you like.

Priority, progress & impact

You will be asked for each of the topics to indicate the priority, the progress you made and the impact. The priority levels are high (focus to make a difference), medium (act on par) and low (not very relevant in your business). Progress speaks for itself as you can choose how far you are. Impact levels are high (setting the pace, making a positive impact), medium (making progress by minimising negative impact) or low (starting out, but compliant with policies).

Activities and results

You can summarise the activities you started and the results you have achieved to give further insight into what you’re doing.

After completing the seven topics an infographic will be created that you can download or share via social media.

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